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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  February 11, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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m >>lliche fe: igirefrshtesh ru to in a bniurng home andhe ty ca tughthis anmaziges r ocuen ta .pe ewe'rin goog tav he morl eshi to. co g minup. >> ew> nstartht rigmine >> he mic lle:omwelc e in . us fthanoior j ningus. on e f thdworlstarge tnd aen stneweis cru ssshiphi, trus c ip sh o onehef truceos mx t lu iruste n thtflee. 's itr rn*bbcarisean'h antr of th eae s m it lyinalk bacvoor pcoer aft rra tengifyipass gueld cou ca tll i ane sceht rigrtofut ee mo vie. >> st kry aal: k hecaof p shi re su. at thp shi wasat bdtere arftel: u st ngeerito in der pow ntatlaic orstm. w aseea hrm fro aqdespcnb a jetan sh lamse pasrsnge a hadtl*n ay s t ase wertt ge oing aboat tbout bhatlruta caip. >> or rep ter: mthisngorni ofwothe srld' lotennd at we nerust csh ips, thehe antm t of heseisas, in fallyk bac in po rt. aship rndoyal rican'bbeas
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te afr sinailreg diyctl into a powerfultitlanc m.stor re the dbeays forerthei sc leheduen arrival,seaserng dncoulai't w gt toffet o the e than oemthf see wha ien st d oppe llateniast as>> blyicalou i cenld bwnd do d ansskihe tro gd.un >> ep rteor r:cavaontis er ridesct be ieras tinrify ro>> py bablscthe starie o day ticitann whe.o o tw p oldeeoplclay lining bi k y sadb gooorye f last meti attht haelt shattered glass and tuover rnedifurn.ture p ngasse tersold terhelt in r theiroom. at h thehteigf ostthe ormhe t masseiv vsseel ltiisngs a mhuc asti 4de5 grees.
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nc ca aeledn nd oaymond s thebuq tu arnedd.rounu t>> id urneod25 tay. we att libile t. r >> tep mhisngorniuon ar canibbein vowog t veproen ithow it monstors sormsgayine c at whpe hap tned whis seekshow at th n we teed b.tercad e tholesse m wasely b lsas co d guar wandton' sal be edlowhi s aailadn ut'sme deed sa fe. lo lya caribbean is promising ll fufu rends andr cited tarowd a future cruise. om sfe o itsreea0 450n upse pass nger wthey bon'tine i >>not's out eno gh tmeget ditru c iseoip. >> st kry tal: what jet sh anamlior rep.ting psomee eopledmainderd boa ca be tusecohey n'uldtt geucer ys ad deelinti get off nandedeedt waian si ascestanmbdiseark t.oday ,boyha w at .trip .okay 's it s theameor sty o an erdiff dentoray fan finlcia etmarks. ok lo atthis. 'r weowe dn 260. it ee's bn aug rohnd a tleumb me ti t forheke martr ove tnan
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n,agais it' adown hs we rdtowase clo nwelluiot qowte tclard ose.te afr gl nosar m fketsfi fa g llinproil cicesibontrgutinar fefs onernothal alglobn lssreceion. >> s> a o theiclympets g. c or zeganif rs othe g iamesn rio trygin c tocrecea fvers oient zi s.virues itierna oonaliclymp mm coeitteic mediral drectos, say ot quvee, einrythhg tanat c be do sne iei bngon deo t ctomba the s ivirunra bzil andmpiavide proe safs o co ionditorns fle ath ilbraz b hashieen rdt hath by us vir l and nastel u. oms. wocen s tcer psyervia. mi ad ttted hheyco nncers. dworllt heahho autesritie hav cnotedall for ricestrstionn o avtr telo brazil andhe tre h as nbee no cdeonsionratif o st pongponi orce can tlinghe ym so 's letay st ohen t al heth. fe rybruape haptons tear aw esarenmos nth. th sis i a very itampornt co sanver tionavwe he to have. if ou yd fin yeloursf omer soone
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yo owu kn c, it bouldmae a es l oforife th deach, mi oellea y to m >>llichethe: ese qu itionu at whyo do ?u dona if a youerre cedtificp in r ors. we hidas lga veiirefrghte es prtidentt scoa ons joh mn theu eaoutrha cir andef fireright dd to jngoini usckba. i wasus jtll te tinghese ysgu, ci'mfiertiedn ipr cec beaus i hteacu zllloca lw'm a pre iyse n th oback tmindinhinkatg whi if etforgla iwhatm f i'erso n avousonnd da mbremehaer wamt i po suptosed i n aatsituion? >> hi i thenk tpeor imp in thog tp keeinin msd i lylike t rermembth at tiat m t bue mhinkpo imtlrtan wh e'en wreal t aking about si iotuatikn lhie t isst'ng doiwhf me sog thinbsis aelolutiny gooig dy thnoing. >> he mic lle:n eve t not sered tio intne >> . yes
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s.stepamo ba llsicasey ashess tne sce aryou ine goecg chd k anifsee g toingeto g on rtheist che y andd.go g in arstser ?.cpr ha ondsnly cpr. no ch touthing eirmo.uth justma as nysipr comonessi ys ascp ca in domin a .nute >> m tt geoning r youee kns. ou shue yo br. g otingoun yc ee kns? >> . no inkeepoug ystrms ghraidt an i usdy boei wghtl wile hlp yo ou d cesomprssionet b tterhan tr yingo t yuseour .arms d an w youilli fatguees lss a .well mi>> lechelo: nat bre hsenth? >> no. we w dillo bhsreatn whe youre a tr dainero piofesslynalut b if yo alu clel 911ur ois dtcparshere a la al oiso go ng t yhelphrou t th pre esocs t wh e'at wryre ttoing t getohe i dohes c co ssmpres.ion wwhateae rd lize tovereahe y bpl peone doan't wo to dou m h.ut dan particularly on peleophe t don't know. ibutef whemo to d tchespr comonessir s fofour to si xin mutes, that should buy the rs peanon hed tigirefshter ti me toet g trehe then then
12:36 pm ethnc chafes om theviurving an ard platicu trlyho w teren n ge dit hasc frgedhe tos htapi m is much,beuch jtter wusti_ mp coioresso m >>llichetoe: ledd, at me thyou mahow hony syould ?u do ar? n s you howgus a eainlyxact wh y doomebdy co sellapnds acere at nos ifcertied. so e'meonas clled1 91 n andouow y are wag.itin y>>oou ght rig in thehe cte t goe o thercenti alhe tfica st m ernuetin b tween cheirdhest.nterd u yoanne hghd rint ia d lemidd li lteraeely ks arm igstrandht a do asy man mp coioresssns a you.can id yeall0 1 a0 mi.nute th sere'on a sg cngalliliyi stan' al rectou yam hthing resio s_n seyourndlf a recompnsssio. m >>llichee: in sg theon sg s intaygli ave . wh boat aelal smch?dren yo do e in do la ct tha atsitu.ion ntenhe t tre'sivo if dntfereng thi u yo-o -s? h h you told nddepe oingown h l ttle hey
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u yo u cansas he tdi tirstwo fi s ngerelas wndl a t mp coioressrens a s thethame .ing dthe iepthndo he t comerdiff.ence we g'regoinco elldo dfth o a iwos nchenon aad ult. i t'sbo aut annc ih to -ainch-hnd-aalf ic>> me:helld andoyou r il chmed sog thinetis bsaha te no g?thinla y >> --any yo if stu ju t letbehem n e therouwith ot anizrganeaed h s dohiometlhey'a rv su onrehildun yo a?ne o ha nnd ahed tl heayo of s^.hand th o itsnfanco of urse they areec rndommeing now twoh t.umbs >> he mic lle:s it'ar scy. i am a newanmom idin th ktabou th at. h weave top wra but isre the ac plere whope peanle cto go ar leown hpurad g >> lo toegas ved fi ghrefi.ctersom. we n wor a redhnd taney cua act ey the havoeslass s andftufieoo tns w asell. >> he mic lle:ll we' putt tha linkn sksfol can ge lt alhe t rminfoonati.
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ry>> k: stalor imp atantind lfequ ngsavior infonmatiht migay i shed tm en why the. > >>n ihere uouergrnd mo ntvemekrsasig fg htindvto a ma huy.nit bi kiohacnong k awnsnd gri oingr stranhantan hum dque pet ilenirs you ogbioly. ak bacndgroun ien sciceot ne arcessy. in ismoghtonici speepal r on bieiic bws ne icki algonzhaez s noa esry stoneup ser ma hunio psneer andhe t das nger cthatwiome eith b ng a lf see-expcirien gngeauin pig. >> or rep ter:l reae lifor cybgs ar me a ongus. ey th are ainlterg ce,lls dna, en ev hacking their own bodies with sights set on theutfure. by intmpla ma s,gnet ngamoer oth videces, obierhacks canfeel eltrecitic cy,olontr th heirome whit a surgically im anpldteue blth too chip and enfoevs. m ininany cestanuts p tting n owie bodns o the .line
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ve i' a gothi cp iny m ndha. i' otve g a bio chip iny m fo m.rear then'v ie got oneea in ch ear. >> or rep: terho alt tughheis rks rare fealors thi cnommu oityf ti cizen sticiensts wherehe tre texisng daerhe tlre aos liel rtoppoy unitdvto a hanceitumann pemy s rcialt eporni"bioc in y.okae d alletcourointormnd pe leopus rnghi b akeasaltbl . 'vwe seneehi t hspeapghrit. >> he mic lle:asi wn thip ur com.troo ry>> k: stal l mo aike sk balletbaur cot. sohe tse fsant smor theou crt rfo a hrtea wngarmi re.ason e we'rggoinl telwhyou miy cong up . mi>> lechellu: pstialen ne's da y,e hsre i the key to my t.hear ice m!crea e thth weaer heeas brfn pe fector iceeacrm. h we kave ieep tnhe udstio.
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nt fac,astiic del iiousce cia wisand.chesnt e we'rg goin thavecohem uminges p th loose o ok s.goodo ry>> k: stalay todno is e t th io da r y foeta di. k >>elly thwnort.est
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h at fomeheor tanteee w?kendb thame anericpl peon'e cat rdaffowa to orit fas idet tha d soun ogoodpen pautr, bl wilve neker main it e thalre world. the grandmheotwhr hao tos ooch bseweet peninayg for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a lesing w momesho dteperaly s needisa ran'e caitt wa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt c w' c weakan male regr pros esghri tnofow per aopleamnd fsilie
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m i'llhiy arincln tod an iapovprthe >> he mic lle:ry evek weee w nepartr uph wit ch.ideo tcomo in broug yr stoies a cbouteaus an d nggivi. k >>alrysthe: tse caue wir ke ta ls a aookt howou y can make a difference for those in ne.ed r>>orepr:te l koor andou you. einrveyit cy andve eryo twn het arereop pelen i edne. t buny ma fleehe wnhe t gyeiv e'ther gs nontuaraheee t irteinednd ciret.pien dhan i up publicef ben
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h >>p u aisir dt ecnadobre n iodec st syorem fel hompeess aople r othelepeopne in h at ths letdoyou dnatetlirecin a ifspeceric pthson ouat y wan aeg s e thay.stor re>> erporto: td fineo somone t ahelp to de nateonais vd han .o uprg. a rtaesanurt cleald hsuge cafn i mckiy,nnee txas isng chaing rc peoneptins i d o ecrespitt werh evalme. >> e wou wreld apr nontofiha tt ovpresidoo f sdvierce tinragin d anpl emntoyme to atsdulit wh vedeplontme oalr ielntctlelua di bisatilies. >> or rep ter:keunlit mos pl ems,oyerco nd-fouuter rh thompsonee skst oulo empyees at ther oth bsosse may looverok. th ope h fe isorm the toak te at wh tvehey'er expedienct a hugs wcafe tithhem ohen t jeyourn to tu fure plemntoyme. t >>ifhe dncferee we're mngaki i rnevere ddame how widespread it dwoul be. >> reporter: unkeli ruleg faror ofprites rurtatsanhi tsne o re eslin o tidonaons. gi tve a hugs
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.wire ic>> me:helll aghl rit. i soren tgndinda toy, weve ha th isid vofeo s thiel hmetam c tforhist thaho sws a coralifnia refighfirtees rincu ag dog from a home. and the home was engulfed in fl .ames hwatc this here. is thll reagiy yvesou a good idea of what they have too d on ila dasiy bas. d an tlook ar sced. moho gh.os what a hero that police office i or, , mean fthatigiref hterce go ining re the e. sepr , dogs'rtheymie faooly t ry>> k: stalol absy.utelps >> ic mllhe e:refighfir teingo tinrehend ais rngki h lise ifple fo e r tha ey the haveato wesr thmee ca t on hheirtselmell rea d in stteretoing t see a th g e docawas d rrieafto s thand utey pit a lbitle t of os s.carua k weinnythalg dewiing ide
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bu fas.loulb d angithe agft beys thno're e di oisappg.ntinn ctheythall waem sgsg bad d ane'therres a wason knyou hyow wint be e caus sthatbawag wg is q 0, 20s ve i'er nevte gotgin a orft wth vepir st reft. >> ys kr tal:t whasit iu i g ess bit'smereto s ge an jlinaelie.joli ey the takod blo andut p it ar tound his opartouf yry bod he where tre basts are. iandt does aat nuralas bret li ft. me sos h witn lalo bhaod t g ulcircg atinhain tet aro do i knn't owow h e t iun aa at thnc hehee te .word ic>> me:hellhe t gy'reinett tiplas s g\ co e bag. >> st kry ial: at isur natayal w oiof dstar appyentl.
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usbeca ce idfforde n oagha ei thnr owcerlt.righ ry>> k: stalm frot whai un stder iand ot's tnlyighe b ti s tar gthat doyou gn'ttet i t for: nom sralle q ca ritegoes. >> he mic lle:ne t ohos w al rerrigan ced.ffor ry>> k: stal o the we maks_gu zi ganllioersolla. m >>lliche we: onhy de't wn ive to itchary. >>takrys tl: shat'ha wt bosomedy said. >> he mic lle:t thald wou be a coole ea. >> st kry val: oideo sf aalpecialdijo ne teeds erenagng bri ting ow crod t f its aer^a anaoo sch skbabaetll game has gone viral and this isne oth of eos fele go od stieor.s 19 r--yearoold lbert lewis oves etbask.ball s he i mtheeranag a forch sool amte. he got ape s cialwish angrted. cacehan to suit up and play if the game and even better than that -- do you see juth?at he ai nd lesha .otp it as w t aeehroi-p.nter oolaisswh. k >>alrysth: tveen edyryborlugo ru tshedt.cour k>> inowt tha wballaso g onn.
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boas a uumpnd a down. i waso s apy hap pt tha iot gha tt re tiac.on k>>stry: alsn iha t te.esom ic>> me:hellhe tuty p u him e th a an had t too.: as he tin fuz brzen sndou ted enstudhets tu s yo st meor td chertoun iue leceatbrion. an thd t is a ntmome,curet g my en >> st kry hal: lle wier nev . d anpl peoouhe cilrt web ne verrtoetforg. m >>lliche ce: lass,mai.t. i h jucy teviat gre ntmome. k >>alrystha: tt's suserio s oochl. moitspir. k >>: elly l weituatth. d an we twanteeo sespl peose idoutsl e ar g yougoin gly: tsou n ay pl ngtaki d theoghe dpl kithe o ds t gegrplay?oundnaci se s nd u pyourreictus. . we idoutsie r nghtotow lfs ooo ns su.hine te atmperwiure hese wre's hat ewe'rin seeigg ral patonoigh, rtht aa mul deg swind lutht oth of oue stth ao
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ov ghernit tghonie't wre lngooki ato lws dinroppg down to 44 in pr imm. i 51n hlauglin. bo r ulde city47. inas las vegda toy4 7wh is at 'r weexp engecti forur o high. no ust jt todayut bom tworroan we an mo sstly sunny okiestun sa brdayf it oal di basturnoas p tsinger rt no ntvales ine'beday fuautil.y h wit your todeeswrtthead. r foe thosy luckghenouha to e idpress ent'onday da monte ok logoing oood t. . 74 e i 8m.crea0 7on aeg4 dree du m k >>alrystha: t wt's heremcreateue me cotos in theerconvonsati. 'r we he soenst kri he re. we id sa a you o dromy of vo faerits gueucueec b yauseou br yingy 74oo gufd st et juss lo ues me ti t forunhe louch hr. 'r weoie getng g otr ea croum ynofe of s_ w anaar vyiet g of oodeseetns. >> d ithecere cam sachndwies.
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mi d x ando br t ough bin a ounchrf ou le vae'ntindas alnormouly sokienrore .und t bu hweeavkr ihemen thishape ofrt heahrs tjida sunrec then we ha tve rheeteel vars ne co pu tt usrko wo. y >> eah.ry h iecook. k >>alryst hny man rela fdas.f o ok coies? >> e.e havlu pres thgae ven d anreth geutl eneefr. the us where you are lod.cate >> dntownow mmsuliern. we just opednen i henderson on hesoutrnaste. k >>alryst: iov le it. heis tosesnitechque? >> t no so al usu a li ttleerbigg. k >>alrystka: oiy lthke is. w doe slerinkns o p. >>elmich mle: oovem*s f ogry m way. >> st kry eal: e xcusme. sh se iri se aoust bous.thi ithisnos tame gad_ne aweer souiabs touur oce i. c areames uoco.kies wnoe wut phe t sprinkles on top of i thecrce eam.
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nkspri rles oelp. u yo d canto iho rweve you .want ry>> k: stalt' thasow h tyhe co .me m>>heice:ll y gouuys are really known forhe t ssedwanhic co ieok.s >>right. we do cooekiesndaierown. re su s,ndaeks mils.hake kbut t forasce i d m creasah.dwic ry>> k: stalll tesahy w be usca ie a'mutboo t teak a itbe. ready. mm m. i >>uf you\ng goia to t ypart c youk picli b l athisgrin emth. k >>alryst: s thi is azaming. >> he mic lle:ui frty bbpeesl. i leov osthe. st rawberry ice cream. ll heo. k >>alryst y: uyou ge s ara hi i leov it. >> or f valentine's day if people ntwa toereordtiarow ftona ncadva he>> teese n fd toe reezsifor aetnd gm thesosnggoi. k >>aryst tl: yhank .much ha>> tounk yunav >> kn my dumme buts thi ha mas de my day.
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>>yskrl:tai ouevedrmine. yos urokloc ds.oeh m >>llichei e: thavemio ad ry>> k: stal i yesest do. you. >> he mic ill t ck coo t kn i y ow mcrice eam. th anseuechmu. t >> hankyou. >> st kry hal: vappytialen ne's da guyou reys asw so toha s yo weur sssetne. m >>lliche we: be'llace bnk o
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'were gngoip keeineat
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e threal world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a lesing w momesho dteperaly s needisa ran'e caitt wa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt cai't wt. we m canreake roal pesgrris tgh w nor fooppe aleamnd fsilie o wh ineedt.
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> >y:kellun sndny a74 . 'sthatt whae' woore l king ub y todatoand owmorr. en ev w thendeekeok lo nt fac asti hwith iighshen tauols d ane hercterfeheeatfor. >> st kry al: hdo i kavey
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thswee.eart is thad? >> st kry ial: t'll ake a iadlretey aofome e min du tringomhe cimerck.brea co umingomp toworr at onno,to pa fknowhirom lm ing ivinr colomo mm toviy dadson. he is li gerrem fros li vingr.colom^o th ley'la be a tduras trete is .land we h'reyappbliav hme hiac b he e's bnen ourho sw be.fore
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